Welcome to Leadership South Carolina

Leadership South Carolina was established in 1979 by the Governor’s Office and the South Carolina business community. As the oldest and most respected of the statewide leadership programs in the state, Leadership South Carolina provides gifted and highly motivated South Carolinians an opportunity to advance their leadership qualities while broadening their understanding of issues facing the state.

Each year, approximately 50 individuals are selected through a competitive process for participation in Leadership South Carolina. Applicants may be nominated or may apply directly for admission to the program. The selection committee places major emphasis on the individual’s demonstrated abilities as a leader and on their personal past record of service in a leadership capacity. The program seeks to maintain a balance reflective of the demographic composition of the state.

Opportunities for personal growth include assessments of learning and leadership styles and how these styles interact with those of others. Class sessions include presentations, panels, experiential learning, and a great deal of interaction between class members and presenters.

Our Vision:

As a premier statewide leadership program, successful Leadership South Carolina graduates are better-informed, energized, and networked to develop and pursue solutions that positively impact their businesses, communities, the state and the region.